HFOSS Summer Institute at Connecticut College

The Humanitarian FOSS (HFOSS) Project offers summer internships for undergraduate computing students, currently enrolled in American (US) academic institutions, who want to get involved in building free and open source software for use by humanitarian organizations.

We are pleased to announce the availability of five undergraduate internships for the 2011 Connecticut College HFOSS Summer Institute. The summer interns will be part of a development team to build free and open source software for use by humanitarian organizations. The 2011 Connecticut College HFOSS Summer Institute will be held at Connecticut College in New London, CT. The 10-week (dates TBD) institute will engage students in local or international open source projects. The internships come with a $4000 stipend and include on-campus housing for the duration.

Institute participants will work with advisers from the open source community along side faculty supervisors on the Google Android phone and Xpilot-Ed projects. Other projects are in the works and participants are encouraged to offer ideas that they would like to explore over the summer.

For more information, contact Ozgur Izmirli (oizm@conncoll.edu) or Gary Parker (parker@conncoll.edu).

Application Information

To apply answer the following questions in an email with the subject "HFOSS Intern Application" and send it to cynthia.weiner@conncoll.edu. The application deadline is yet to be determined, but will probably be in March 2011.

Attach a copy of your resume and current college/university transcript (attachments should be either pdf, doc or odt file format).

Applicants Name (First, Middle, Last):
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College/University Affiliation:
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Statement of Interest: (Write a short statement (no more than 350 words) describing your interest in Computer science and your reasons for applying to this Internship program)

Reference Information: Please attach a copy of at least one recommendation letter.
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You may have your recommendation letter sent to us via email to cynthia.weiner@conncoll.edu.

NOTE: Remember to attach a copy of your resume and college/university transcript in either pdf, doc, or odt file format before you hit the send button.